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Flora in Kabini

Rainfall has an important bearing upon Kabini. Kabini consists of dry-deciduous forests where there is lesser rainfall and moist-deciduous forests with the rainfall registering over 1000mm.Microhabitat varieties namely hadlus having shallow clayey valley bottoms consisting of swamp savannas as well as short grass clearings or view lines give enhancement to the game-viewing for the tourists.

The trees laden with effervescent flowers like flame of the forest, Indian coral tree, Red silk cotton, Indian laburnum and the padri adds glamorous shades of colour to the park. The river Kabini has a dam which further creates a big lake having giant bamboos on its banks.




Flora in kabini

Fauna in Kabini

Kabini has a ecosystem which has 108 animals per sq km and hence supports the highest density of herbivorous anywhere in Asia. Muntjak, chitas, sambar, Four-horned antelope, gaur, wild pig, Asian elephant, common langur and the bonnet macaque are some of the large herbivores found in Kabini. Some of the Herbivores like the chital, sambar, gaur, wild pig, muntjak and common Langur often become prey to the tiger, leopard and wild dog. And this is one among the main reasons for the availability of large carnivore population in Kabini.

Fauna in kabini


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