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The Annual Elephant Symposium in Kabini

kabini elephant symposium 


An annual summer Symposium is usually held in the backwaters of Kabini in the month of April with at least a herd of thousand elephants. It would indeed be a evergreen experience in the hearts of people who attend the symposium. The adult bull elephants usually take leave of their young ones at the age of 15-20 and live an isolated life to go in search of prospective females for mating. And more interestingly, all male elephants form an assembly during their period of isolation to indulge in physical battle with their counterparts to qualify themselves for their mating with the right prospective females. And in the summer symposium one can watch the tremendous animals playing with each other, munching on the lush green grasslands and there is no wonder that this frolicsome and fun-filled experience would have an everlasting cherishing impact on everyone’s heart.

Kabini Elephant



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